Within all the universe there is spin. All of the universe is alive, all moving along specific patterns and ratios to itself. We observe these patterns in nature and are able to measure their movements. The energy behind the movement is, in and of itself, invisible. We see only the matter caught up in the flow of the universal circular vortex. Throughout the universe we observe this effect from the smallest natural movements to the largest. In the atomic structure this is seen as protons and neutrons spinning around a dense nucleus. Scientist have mapped this movement and have seen the pattern follows the patternization of an “apple-shape” along a torus field of influence.

The components of atoms are matter and, like all matter in the universe, is under the influence of the torus field. Atoms are alive with movement and are mostly composed of space. As electron microscopes have become more powerful to look into the world of atomic structures scientists have observed 97 percent of matter is “missing” with “tremendous gaps” between the observable structures. However, for what is observed, it flows within the familiar patternization of the shape of an apple. The energy flow of the universal circular vortex is apple-shaped. Starting at the center of its structure, pulsating like a heart beat, it moves along the core axis up and down simultaneously. As it nears the edge of its field of influence it moves along the shell forming an apple shape spinning and rotating energetically covering every part and then returning to the core and once again to the center where it repeats the cycle over and over again. All life contains atomic structure and DNA structure. This structure, being matter, is caught up in the universal circular vortex. This is why we observe the patternization of DNA forming spiraling helixes of structure.

The energy flow of the universal circular vortex is apple-shaped. 

Even in chakra systems, which is essentially pure energy, we observe the universal circular vortex at work. Psychics and other sensitives have seen these vortices spinning along our central core following the general pattern of the backbone. Not only do humans have spinning chakra centers, so does all life. The vibration or frequency of each chakra allow for differing spin rates generally depending where it is located. This is what gives the lower slower spinning chakra near the base of the spin a red aura and the upper violet chakra, located near the top of the being, a faster spin. All vortices spin toward the center of its attraction. In the atomic structure this attraction is the nucleus. In the chakra systems we see each of the chakras orange through indigo as having two helixes.

In the five chakras of the navel, solar plexus, heart, throat and the third eye one vortex spins in front connecting at center and one vortex spins in back connecting to the same center on each chakra. The chakras of the root, located at the base of the spine, and the crown chakra at the top of the head also spin toward each other. The root chakra spins upwardly through the body and connects centrally with the crown chakra that is spinning downward. This connection of a single vortex, per highest and lowest chakra, corresponds with the polarities we observe in the visible color spectrum. Red and violet are composed of the color frequencies on either side of themselves. This is why in Rainbow Geometry red and violet only account for one sector while the other color frequencies account for two color sectors as they flow into the adjoining colors.

All geometric shapes produce a symmetry of vortices to their center. The shape of a triangle will have three vortices that flow into its center. When a center is enclosed in the space matrix it automatically produces spin to its center. The number of vortices will depend on the number of sides of the enclosure. In the second dimension a square would have four vortices spinning to absolute center, a pentagon has five, a hexagon has six and so forth. In the third dimension we observe the same thing.

A tetrahedron with its four walls that enclose a central point will have four vortices that spin and connect at absolute center. A cube will have six vortices spinning to absolute center. The more complex or sided the geometric form is the more vortices spinning to center it will have. The purer the geometric form is, such as platonic solids cube or tetrahedron, the more uniform the vortices spin to center will be.
The purest of the three dimensional forms is a sphere. This purity of expression is the primary reason we observe globes and their rotation in our universe. The globe of earth, for example, is made of matter and therefore under the influence of the universal circular vortex. The same patterns that move the structural arrangement of an atom also moves and rotates this mighty planet we live on. The energy of the universal circular vortex flows along and from the core of its rotational axis from each of its two poles. This energy continues to circumnavigate along the entire surface and atmosphere of the earth flowing and spiraling back into its central rod and then into its central most point. This central most point of center is the Merkaba center where all life begins again as the vortices merge together at zero point, that is zero dimension.
We observe this movement to center in nature on many different levels. The spiraling effect we see in tornadoes and hurricanes is a direct affect of the energy movement of the universal circular vortex. What is not as apparent is that these huge natural vortices have an energy force field above the ground and another equal and counterbalancing one beneath the surface. In the same way we observe water spinning in opposite directions depending on if you are north or south of the equator, so do all vortices have a similar spin. We observe this on extremely small levels, such as when an atom's spherical energy field creates an apple shaped vortex to center flowing with a dual vortex along its shell and rod into and through its zero point. The same observable effect is seen in our earth's sun as its plasma rotates along its shell and spins back into its center. The same is true for the planets around it as they are caught up in the rotational field while remaining stabilized with our massive spinning sun. Even our sun is moving through space at a great speed as it and other surrounding stars are all caught up in a much, much larger universal circular vortex. This is why we see the familiar spiral formation when we view upon and map our own milky way galaxy that is millions of light years across. Even our galaxy is caught up in an immensely large circular vortex as itself traverses across this vast universe. In reality all points in space are affected by this vortex energy. Size has nothing to do with it for all points and centers create their own vortex energy as the energy around it moves to absolute Merkaba center. This phenomena is what makes the reality “We are All One” so omnipotent. Where ever we are, we are truly the center of the universe because all centers are converging within the One Universal Circular Vortex. This means all creation can flow out of any point as the intention of the observer moves upon it. As this intention is pure and harmonious with universal intention then the manifestation will stream forth from the absolute zero point of the vortex. The universe has no beginning and no end it simply continues to create from its central intention throughout all of eternity.

Where ever we are, we are truly the center of the universe because all centers are converging within the One Universal Circular Vortex. 

Within the matrix of the vector equilibrium we see a true and powerful alignment of vortices to center. Energetically, standing at observer's center we gain benefit from the alignment of the symmetry of its eight triangles and six squares upon its shell. Each of these fourteen planes are perfectly balanced to center and to each other producing fourteen equal vortices to absolute center. All of the vectors are at equal angles to absolute center. These 12 vectors are defined by the 12 equally sized lines between the most outer points of the shell of the vector equilibrium and absolute center. As the observer aligns multi-dimensionally to center they have a multiplicity of balance all at once contained within the central sphere of influence of their being. All beings have access to this concentrated sphere of influence. Energetically, within the matrix of a vector equilibrium's influence our being connects with the closest packing of spheres around us. This absolute condition of containment within the closest packing of spheres from our own centrally generated spherical field aligns us completely with space matrix. We connect our Merkabah center within our central sphere as our sphere generates two counter-spinning vortices. We also connect to the with the dual vortices at the centers of closest packing of the twelve spheres surrounding us as each, for a total of 24, connect to our absolute center. Further connections are generated as the vector equilibrium's square faces align with the cube's six directions of space, each spinning a vortex to our Merkaba center.

Connecting to Merkaba center is a natural functioning of the universal space/time matrix. Where ever we are, we are connected. When we focus on this connection we can intensify the connection and bring healing and harmony to every portion of our being on mental, physical and emotional levels. The greatest balance is attained when we have equilibrium in our lives. Geometrically, this means all the lines, angles of lines and vertices are equal to our center most being. In this energetic relationship we flow best with the balance nature has created. Philosophically, this means we do our best to align our lines of intention to our spheres of influence balancing all perceived and unperceived. Herein, the mystery of the Merkabah is reveled to us as we realize we are One with All and All is One with Us.