In the process of moving toward higher consciousness more and more information is considered and collated into basic pattern fields. It is believed there are many dimensions and dimensions upon dimensions. In the language of pure geometry we look at the building blocks of how this process works. We understand that as consciousness moves from its center or zero point of perspective it moves from what could be termed the no dimension into the first dimension. Here the perspective of the first dimension is formed as a line or intention connects two points in space. As this line moves upon any axis, other than the limitation of the quantum unit (smallest measurable unit) of width it is contained upon, it becomes a line. Consciousness or movement beyond the parameters dictated by the first dimension now expands as a line becomes a plane and moves into the second dimension. The point the size of a single quantum unit moves in one direction into the first dimension and moves again attaining width to become viable in the second dimension as a plane. When a plane moves again along the axis of height it is then the plane becomes a form moving into the world of the third dimension.

All creative processes in the world of form follow this process. At observer center the intention goes forth manifesting directly as lines, planes and forms of intention. The building blocks of the universe also work along this same descriptive process. In the beginning was the thought. This thought connected its intention to manifest and another point in space was communicated with and created. On the simplest levels, the two points in space became one and a line of intention, that is love, connected the two. As the conscious being-s of the line realized even more consciousness it sought to once again grow moving with intention. This intention process acted along the planes of creation and more of the structure of the universe was incorporated into awareness. In other words, it sought to unify or love more of the universe itself and creation/expansion took place. Finally, the planes of creation could move into the world of form as a third movement was added propelling it into the third dimension.

This process has been greatly oversimplified to show that as the being moves from center, incorporating more dimensional awareness, it also connects in consciousness to love and unification. In the process of pure geometry the flow between zero, first, second and third dimension is straight forward as each additional axis adds greater dimensionality. In the process of “Sacred” geometry other characteristics come into play. Within Sacred Geometry there is added valuation given to the process of unification and matrix of information between the component parts. Whereas, the parts within themselves are important but perhaps what is more important is, “What is the communication or energy between the geometrical relationships?” For instance, when the observer observes from the center of a circle or a triangle there is a relationship of information or energy created. This relationship becomes more profound as the observer observes from the center of a triangle surrounded by a circle. Now both finite and infinite energy matrices come into play. As the observer incorporates both finite and infinite then great connections can be attained. It is the Sacred found within the finite and infinite that moves the observer into greater connectivity with the building blocks of the universe found in pure geometry.

Within Sacred Geometry there is added valuation given to the process of unification and matrix of information between the component parts. 

A greater connection to this process can be examined looking at a three dimensional triangle. In pure geometry an equilateral triangle is three equal sized lines connected to each other in proportion to a single common center. This relationship encloses a triangular plane within the second dimension. In pure geometry to produce a third dimensional triangle a third axis of information is added building upon itself at right angles. In other words, the three lines of the triangle moves into the third dimension along an upward ninety degree axis and their height is added producing an additional ninety degree axis to the triangular plane. The triangle shape remains as the original three lines of the triangle connect equilaterally.

Viewing from the center perspective of the third dimensional triangle gives the observer greater connectivity. With the original plane scenario the observer would be aware of energy of the triangle in only the second dimension. Viewing a triangle three dimensionally expands the conscious connection to universal functioning. The three dimensional triangle for this reason has been used in sacred and mystical teachings. It gives the observer a higher perspective of the trinity of communication – 1. Sender 2. Receiver 3. The Communication Field. Allowing an additional axis to our triangle moves the observer from a simple two dimensional plane to the world of three dimensions and manifest form.


Starting at the simplest universal level, the being begins to see it exists in a structure of dimensionality. It observes it has a dimensional axis upon which it can view its reality – the six axis of space. The being has front and back, left and right, and top and bottom. In all three dimensional structures throughout all the universe this alignment holds true. Whether it is the smallest microbe or a galaxy of trillions of stars the perspective holds true. The being has a center, front and back, left and right, and top and bottom. It is for this reason in coming to a universal understanding of the universe and all that inhabits it we can look to a cube. A cube is a perfect description of the six axis of space. As the being observes from the very center of its reality it becomes aware of a perfect balance of the six directions of space. Here in the center all six directions are balanced upon the three axes; 1. front to back 2. left to right 3. top to bottom.

As the being observes from the very center of its reality it becomes aware of a perfect balance of the six directions of space. 

Sacred Geometry is a study of Universal Commonalities. It is the Cube and its base and balanced description of Universal Function that is a foundation of Sacred Geometry. In the process of the being discovering its universal connection to “Source” it is helpful to immerse itself in phenomena that utilize universality as much as possible. It is said that all paths lead to “God”, that is Universal Source, however paths that are more universal in nature can perhaps take the observer into more connectivity in a more expedient way.

If we are to connect fully with the universe around us we are called to be one with it. In the path of Sacred Geometry much of the minutia is eliminated and we can take a purer more direct route to enlightenment and universal understanding. In this, the basic geometric forms can lead us to seeing we really are one as the complexity of creation melds into the simplicity of knowledge.

There are three basic shapes in all of creation. These are the Circle, Square and Triangle. Upon these three the building blocks of the universe is formed. To understand dimensionality we can look at the basic relationships between the three. In the universe there is what science calls a quantum unit – “The smallest measurable unit.” It is from this smallest point manifestation and dimension comes into being. It is from “the point” expression happens. This expression happens the very instant movement happens. This movement is thought or intention set into action. On the simplest level, one could call a point; zero dimension. It simply exists without movement for if this point or quantum unit begins to move it takes on dimensionality. When a point moves in one direction away from itself it moves into expression of the first dimension. It becomes a line. In this expression it no longer is limited but now moves along the axis of time as its measurement extends from one point to another. In creation this movement within time along a path of expression is what creates.

In creation movement within time along a path of expression is what creates. 

In Sacred Geometry we look at the pureness of this expression and its parameters within always allowing the simplest unifying principles to cohere into one understanding. Starting at a single point of creation we simply need to move in any direction and within time we create a higher order of dimensionality. Thus, starting at what has been referred to as zero point, which is free of any dimensional expression, we move in one direction and this movement is the universal expression of the first dimension. A point becomes a line and the first dimension is expressed. It is from this line the second dimension is expressed. Moving along the axis of time in just one additional direction the line expresses itself as a plane in the experiential field. In the process of Sacred Geometry, following the purest flow, point moves one direction forming a line or first dimension, then line moves one direction forming a plane or second dimension.

To form the third dimension the plane or second dimension simply moves in one direction along the axis of time. If all the movements are equal and pure, as Sacred Geometry dictates, then the plane of expression becomes a cube and now becomes one of the most stable forms within the third dimension. This is because the height, breadth and width are all equal in their expressions. In other words, the line moved in time a distance forming the first dimension and then this same line moved an equal distance of its expression in one direction forming the second dimension. Finally, this plane moved once again for a third equal time and distance giving expression to the pure third dimensional form of a cube. This equality of movement along an axis of time is the base building block of universality and dimensional expression.

In Sacred Geometry the same equality of movement also comes into being with the pure expression of a circle, triangle and square. These three geometric expressions are planes and therefore, second dimensional. To create a circle within universal structure we move from observer perspective or center along the axis of time in all directions of our second dimensional expression an equal distance or time. In this pure expression, seeing that all points along the edge of the circle are an equal distance to the center, all is in balance and harmony. Second dimensionally, all is equal in time and place. It is for this reason many sacred ceremonies are in the form of a circle. All of the participates are equal with no one point or person further away from one center than anyone else. Here, along the plane of expression, all can focus toward the zero point. It is this zero point that all expression arises out of and all within the circle can enjoy equally.

In a circle all of the participates are equal with no one point or person further away from center than anyone else. 

Within the universal expression of the plane of the triangle there is also pure geometry. A triangle expresses as the minimum sides to contain a point. Looking out from the observer's center of a circle we move in a maximum directions along our plane of expression only limited by its size that forms the circles edge. In a equilateral triangle we can only move in three equal directions from our observer center where, forming three equal points from the center point, we create a nexus of information between the three. These three points are connected energetically by lines and to the center that gives them equality of expression.

In some religions this triad order of expression is referred to as The Trinity. Placing ourselves in the center of observer's perspective we form balance and uniformity among the base levels of creation. It takes a minimum of three sides or expressions to enclose a point, therefore three becomes a sacred number as in this balance to our center we also encapsulate the trinity of the nexus of information in its simplest and purest form. One way of looking at this is the balance that is attained in communication. This is a three-fold process – 1. Sender 2. Receiver 3. The Communication Field. As an example let's take a rainbow that appears in the sky. This could be anything that exists having dimensional or extrinsic value. A three step process is required for communication to take place. The sender of the information is the rainbow. Once something exists it can send forth a communication of its existence. However, unless the communication is received it has not been communicated. Communication requires both a sender and receiver. The third part in this communication process is the field that the message is carried upon. In the nature of time and place there is a field upon which communication or nexus of information is carried upon. This field could be the distance of three equally placed points in space around a single point such as we see in an equilateral triangle. Anything in and of itself can be the sender of the information, the observer is the receiver of the information and the communication between the two is the connection or nexus of energy. In a triangle all three expressions can be shown. Forming a representational equilateral triangle to our own observer center we become that center. We attune as sender, receiver and the communication field. In Sacred Geometry this balance creates harmony with universal source.

Forming an equilateral square around a single point completes the base description of three of the simplest Sacred Geometry models. A circle has one line at equal distance to its center. A triangle has three lines connecting three equally spaced points around its center and a square has four lines. In the universal process of the creation of a square an additional building block is added. This is the process of moving in time and distance at equal right hand angles from its center. Looking at the 360 degrees of a protractor it is divided into four equal parts at 90 degree angles to each other. For example, if we take the 90 degree quadrant on the upper left part of the 360 degree circle we have the first two lines of a square if we draw lines at right angles to the outer part of the line at zero and ninety degrees from center point. Connecting these lines follow the purity of Sacred Geometry as we extend an equal sized third line at a right angle to the left from the point at the top of the circle and connect this point with an equal fourth line back to zero degrees on the protractor. A similar right angle process is used to create squares from the center point using 180 and 270 degrees.

Through understanding the base relationship to equal lateral movements of lines we begin to tune into why Sacred Geometry is a universal language. There is a preciseness in all movements of the universal time-space structure. In the formation of a square this process of universal building blocks becomes clearer. The movement of a square into a cube also follows this exacting method of moving along right hand angles to form its three dimensional model. A square is two dimensional and a cube is three dimensional. To form a cube we simply move upwardly from a square that is laying horizontally. This movement into the next dimension must be equilateral and at right angles of equal distances.

If we become the observer from the center of a square we have equal distances from us to the center of the square's four sides. Viewing from the center of a cube there are these directions of movement with an added two directions of up and down. This perception from the center of a cube is referred to as The Six Directions of Space – left/right, front/back and top/bottom. Within all the known universe and likely all the unknown universe this relationship of the six directions of space comes into play. In order to experience anything in what is called the third dimension we always have these base relationships. All centers always have these six directions provided the center is at least the size of a quantum unit. Anything smaller than a quantum unit has no dimensional expression.

Perception from the center of a cube is referred to as The Six Directions of Space – left/right, front/back and top/bottom. Within all the universe this relationship of the six directions of space comes into play. 

However, within dimension there is expression. It is the center of this expression that becomes the observer's perspective. In this center we can have being as we move. Moving in the mannerism of Sacred Geometry we are balanced and whole. Whether we are a microbe expressing or a human being expressing ourself the perspective is the same, all is from observer center.




Finding the absolute center of who we are is a vital part of being centered with all creation. Herein, we can realize the connection with our center and universal center. Evolving toward higher consciousness, there is a constant desire to connect to greater and greater realities. It is the nature of the universe and our nature to gain greater understanding and fully merge with the perceived and unperceived world around us.

It is the nature of the universe and our nature to gain greater understanding and fully merge with the perceived and unperceived world around us. 

We have looked at the connection of being the observer's center with a circle and a triangle. This connection expresses itself along the two dimensional axis of time. To move into greater realities we now can express along the third dimension of time. In pure geometry the circle becomes the sphere and the triangle becomes the tetrahedron. Once again, to express fully as a three dimensional being, we move to the center of our being. In the center of a sphere we can express in all directions at the same time. We are only limited by the size of the sphere of influence we choose to contain. Upon the shell of the sphere are thousands, even millions, of directions we can go from our observer center. Traveling energetically upon a line of intention we connect our central point to our destination's point on the shell of the sphere. The larger the sphere, the larger the directions of travel or destinations we have. We are limited only by the size of a quantum unit in three dimensional reality. In other words, a sphere the size of a pea would have a much more limited directions of travel than a sphere several feel across, each containing a certain number of points our quantum unit upon their shell.

Representationally, the connection we hold to our influence over the sphere's shell is directly related to the connection we have over our experiential field. The more conscious we become the wider our influence can become. Becoming a clear and conscious center we can be aware and connect in a multiplicity of directions all at once. Following the mandate of Sacred Geometry, we become both the observer center and the shell of the sphere at the same time, both are of equal and substantive value. As point, the observer holds a perspective to the finite and being in communion with the shell of the sphere of the experiential field they connect with the infinite. The observer, in essence, becomes finite and infinite at the same time, opening to grand levels of consciousness. This is what is meant by “Being Centered”, where the observer is one with the infinite environment and with self's center, becoming one and the same thing. The only limit here is in the third dimension where the observer center can be no smaller than a quantum unit therefore a finite size. The shell of the sphere is also finite size limited again by the size of a quantum unit that all interconnects upon its shell at an equal distance from its center.

In the same manner the circle and a triangle are opposites in how they express in Sacred Geometry so too are the sphere and the tetrahedron. Moving just one step along the dimensional axis of expression the planes of the circle and triangle move from two dimensional into three dimensional as sphere and tetrahedron. The circle and the sphere allows the observer to connect in many directions at the same time. In contradistinction, the triangle and the tetrahedron are the minimal lines or planes needed to enclose a point in space. An equilateral triangle encloses a point at its center symmetrically using only three lines. To enclose a point symmetrically in space within the three dimensional reality of form it takes a minimal of four equilateral planes. The four triangle planes all form a perfect balance to the center as the points of the tetrahedron and the walls are all at equal distances to the center of its form. This is the minimal expression to enclose a point in space within the three dimensional world.

To observe the world from this finite and minimal perspective has its advantage. It is different than observer's perspective of a sphere where the field of experience offers nearly unlimited perspectives. In the center of the tetrahedron there are only four planes to the experiential field. The observer is totally enclosed yet is still totally balanced. The experiential field appears to be limited with only four planes of expression but what is important to realize here is that it is totally surrounded in balance with a minimal expression. To be in this balance of the planes of a tetrahedron the observer does not have to consider all directions at once, as found in the center of a sphere. The observer can simply know all is surrounded in perfect balance with the minimal expression to connect it to universal source and fully to itself.

We are a balance of infinite and finite energies. All beings from the smallest to the largest also work with this universal law. It is for this reason we live in a holographic universe. Holographic means, “In the smallest unit or being there is contained all the same information of the largest unit or being, and visa-versa.” This allows communication to flow between all points within the universe for in reality it is one. In Sacred Geometry the observer can energetically place themselves in the center. Here in the center they connect quickly to the universal flow. This connection is true whether viewing along a two dimensional plane of existence or three dimensionally. The principle of living and moving toward higher consciousness is realized more when we live from a balanced perspective moving into higher dimensions. Therefore, moving from the infinite/finite connection of a circle/triangle relationship to the higher order of a sphere/tetrahedron connection brings about higher consciousness, more connectivity and more growth of the being.

The objective is to become one with universal source on both finite (simple) and infinite (complex) levels at the same time. 

In the principles of Sacred Geometry the observer is moved into higher and higher orders of connectivity. Yet, at the same time, they are also moved into expressing on simpler and simpler levels. The objective is to become one with universal source on both finite (simple) and infinite (complex) levels at the same time. This balance can be attained within Sacred Geometry by the observer by placing one's self at the center of both perspectives at the same time. In other words, see and feel the energy of the center of a circle and a triangle at the same time. Once the observer is more comfortable with this perspective with the two dimensional field of experience they are ready to move into a higher consciousness connection by placing themselves energetically at the center of a sphere and a tetrahedron simultaneously. Here in this balance between the all expansive sphere and the “limitation” of the containment of the tetrahedron's walls there is a perfect balance found.

Expanding Dimensions ~ You Views ~

At center point you are at zero dimension. Here you are the observer. As soon as you begin to move you expand your consciousness moving into higher dimensions from line, to plane to three dimensional expression.
You control the “communication” of energy with geometrical relationships of which you are the center. Experientially, within the center of a circle and triangle you connect with finite (self) and infinite (universal).
You are a conscious observer in the Trinity of Communication and can act as Sender, Receiver and have an affect on the Communication Field blending personal consciousness with universal consciousness.
You and all that manifests are central to the six directions of space. You are the center of the Cube Matrix and Universal Source.
You, in circle consciousness, are in equal standing and importance with all other life. You, in triangle consciousness, connect with the nexus of information with minimal engagement as you become a point enclosed by a trinity of lines from the all encompassing communication field.
When you move in the mannerisms of Sacred Geometry you are balanced and whole. You become one with universal flow as all conscious life forms view from observer's central perspective.
It is your nature and the nature of the universe to gain greater understanding and merge with the world-s around us.
Following the pattern of Sacred Geometry's sphere you connect at observer center and expand in all directions at the same time.
You, under the energetic flow of the tetrahedron, are surrounded in perfect balance with minimal expression connecting you to universal source fully.
You are a holographic being, one with infinite and finite energies. Each part of you is contained and reflected in the universe and each part of the universe is contained and reflected in you.