Rainbow Equation's Top Equations

#1 (r.a.,a. + r.a.,b.)=(r.a.,c.)

The total rainbow lines and sectors of Space Symmetry Six + Logo Circle Seven + Third Eye Open + Time Symmetry Co-incidence = 3F Rainbow Sphere + 3F Rainbow Tetrahedron.
r.a.=rainbow aspects=(r.l.+r.s.)
a.=plane axis=(space symmetry six) +(logos circle seven),
b.=3d, plane axis=(3rd eye open)+(time symmetry co-incident),
c.=3d axis=(3f. rainbow sphere )+(3f. rainbow tetrahedron)

#2 (lc7+r.a.,s.s.s.+r.a.,t.s.c.)+(r.shell 3f.sp.+r.shell 3f.tet.+r.shell t.e.o.) =External r.a. = 32n.
Logos circle 7 + rainbow aspects of space symmetry six and time symmetry co-incidence added to the rainbow shell of the 3f sphere, 3f tetrahedron and third eye open equals external rainbow aspects of 32 neutral polarity rainbows (32*12)=384

(3f.sp.-shell)+(3f.tet.-w.tets)-r.shell)+((t.e.o.-r.shell)-w.s.v.)) =Internal r.a. = 32n.
3f sphere less its shell + 3f tetrahedron less its rainbow shell + third eye open less its rainbow shell less the white symmetry vector equilibrium equals internal rainbow aspects of 32 neutral polarity rainbows (32*12)=384

((total rainbow equation r.a.)-3f.cube)) = 64n.
The total of the Rainbow Equation's rainbow aspects less the 3rd Frequency Cube equals 64 neutral polarity rainbows (64*12)=768

#3 4f c.c.=. 4f cube=( (4 to the third power)*12.)=768
The 4th frequency Clear Cube, which is the stacking of cubes left/right, front/back and top/bottom to four levels, for a total of 64 cubes each having 12 sectors inside and out (4*4*4=64)*12=768

The White Symmetry Vector Equilibrium's shell outside and inside equals 16 times 12 (16*12=192) added to its inside and inside-inbetween sectors of 288 each equals 576 sectors inside sectors. The total of outside and inside symmetry sectors of w.s.v.e. equals (192+576)=768

The Rainbow Equation
~ You Views ~

The Rainbow Equation is a description of how the base universal building blocks of linear/circular, zero/1st/2nd/3rd/4th dimensions and time/space flow together as One with You.
The Rainbow Equation uses the visible light spectrum to guide you through a process where the apparent differences of a circle, triangle and square can flow in your consciousness as a single unbroken expression.
The equation of light flows from your simple counting of the sectors produced from the division of white light as it flows across the varied planes and 3D models.
You and the universal creative process are not static conditions and neither is the light's spectrum upon Sacred Geometry.
In the Rainbow Equation certain criteria is established for you to view the translucent rainbow you see in the sky as an operational principle that you can draw or painted upon paper and in equational format.
You view a visible color spectrum consisting of seven colors. These seven colors are viewed by you as tri-colors; orange-green-indigo, and merge with the quad-colors; red-yellow-blue-violet.
Lines are a first dimensional representation that connect showing your flow or movement from a zero point and your first perceived presence or manifestation within the field of space.
The 3rd Frequency Rainbow Cube connects you to the six primary directions of space within three axes. These axes are plane, 3D/plane and 3D. Each one carries a certain vibrational frequency from your central perspective from which they flow.
You can count the number of sectors and lines upon any of the several components of the Rainbow Equation and from these totals form many synergistic equational statements.
In the manifestation process of light there is movement from clear space and, as it is recognized by your consciousness, it is viewed as white light. When the light you see refracts it is the visible color spectrum and as you paint down its order it becomes Rainbow Aspects.
In essence, your thought moves from space's center, that is zero dimension, through lines of intention (1D), forming in planes of manifestation (2D) and forming your reality completely manifesting in the third dimension.
Moving along the axis of time/no-time you connect the polarities of the plane diagram Time Symmetry Coincidence – to learn “flow and experience over time”, with the 3D models 3F 3D Rainbow Triangle – “conscious/sub-conscious mind” and White Symmetry Vector Equilibrium – “universal mind.” These polarities flow from your experiential field of time to the universal mind.
When you use the rainbow as your guide the 3rd Frequency Rainbow Sphere and Tetrahedron are seen to flow in similar patternization and mathematical flow.
The 3rd Frequency Rainbow Cube is at the very center of the Rainbow Equation. You ,at this central axis point, are geographically in the center of the Rainbow Equation one with the six directions of space and the natural blending of translucent and painted rainbow's operational in its structure.
Beginning at the most basic level of creation within the universal process; the sound, the word, and/or the thought goes forth creating your reality carried upon your intention.
You live in a world of harmonic system of numbers that are used for musical compositions, architecture and the fine arts. Your life is a blending of the divine into the scientific through Sacred Geometry.