The next part of the representation of the three dimensional time axis of the Rainbow Equation is referred to as the “Fourth Frequency Three Dimensional Rainbow Triangle.” The 4F 3D Rainbow Triangle completely surrounds the White Symmetry Vector Equilibrium and is descriptive of the continuing field of manifestation from the observer's central perspective. Representationally, the 4F 3D Rainbow Triangle is the next level of manifestation within the field of time.

It is characterized as a triangle because a triangle has the minimum required sides to surround a point in space. The 4F 3D Rainbow Triangle is a three dimensional equilateral triangle. An equilateral triangle is defined by geometry as second dimensional containing three equally sized lines around a common center. In the 4F 3D Rainbow Triangle the triangle takes on a higher expression within dimension and the conscious structure. Within this 3D structural arrangement of a triangle the matrix of the visible color spectrum is perceived. The observer connects at central perspective as the pure white light of consciousness converges into the rainbow spectrum of diversified manifestation.
Many will recognize the puzzle shape that the 4F 3D Rainbow Triangle is created from as a mind puzzle game that was originally marketed by Erno Rubik, as are the 3F Sphere, 3F Cube and 3F Tetrahedron of the Rainbow Equation. The 4F 3D Rainbow Triangle shape is just one of a multiplicity of shapes that can be “twisted” from what was marketed originally as the “Rubik's Snake.” Though often considered as just another mind toy, Professor Rubik had much more in mind when he created this model. He considered, “What universal shape can be transformed into many other shapes?”

Out of this research spanning over many years the snake puzzle was developed. The shell of the Rubik's Snake is composed 24 prism shaped pieces which produce 48 equilateral triangles and 24 rectangles. If they were disassembled then its 24 rectangles reassembled placed back to back would produce 12 cubes. 24 is a number that repeats itself throughout the Rainbow Equation, showing a connection to Sacred Geometry and Rainbow Geometry. The Rubik's Snake synchronistically reflects this patternization. Its 24 half cube shapes can be twisted around to form many different shapes, universal and otherwise. Two noteworthy shapes are the 3D cross formation and one containing a similar patternization of the vector equilibrium with the cube's alignment to space structure. The 2D cross shape shares commonalities with the cube structure in that a cube's six outer walls can be “unfolded” to produce a cross configuration with three squares in the horizontal axis interlinking with four squares in the vertical axis. When the Rubik's Snake is rolled up into a “ball” shape it aligns with the six directions of space as equilateral triangles combine together producing equilateral squares left/right, front/back and top/bottom. These are in direct alignment with the six directions of space seen in a cube.

 A third alignment produced from the Rubik's snake is the Three Dimensional Triangle. Twenty four is precisely the right number of half cubes to align with this 3-fold equilateral arrangement. This produces a shape that moves what is normally considered two dimensional into the next dimensionally higher level called a 3D Triangle. These 24 half cubes produce the matrix necessary to enclose a point in space completely. The minimal amount of half cubes twisted into the configuration of an equilateral triangle is six, allowing for two half cubes per side. This configuration would be called a “first frequency” 3D triangle.

When the lines of intention continue to move outward from zero point the visible manifestation begins to reveal itself. This 3D manifestation is represented three dimensionally within the minimal enclosure of the three dimensional triangle. 

A second frequency 3D triangle is composed of twelve half cubes and third frequency 3D triangle contains 18 half cubes to fully enclose a point in space. A “fourth frequency” 3D triangle is the fourth level or “stacking” of 24 half cubes to enclose a point in space when formed into an equilateral formation.
The Fourth Frequency Three Dimensional Rainbow Triangle and the White Symmetry Vector Equilibrium it surrounds is a representation of the process that manifestation takes as it moves from zero point into and through the experiential field of time. At zero point intention creates movement that forms at the root level, following the matrix pattern of least resistance. The zero point is like the boundless sphere and, as intention moves upon it, it manifests first as energy patterns in the matrix of the closest packing of spheres. At this point it is still pure energy and light and at its simplest level. The energy is under the influence of universal matrix and moving to the pattern of least resistance – the patternization of vector equilibrium. When the lines of intention continue to move outward the visible manifestation begins to reveal itself. This 3D manifestation is represented in the minimal enclosure of the three dimensional triangle. In nature all follows the path of least resistance. Manifestation at the simplest level is represented here as the energy of the closest packing of spheres begins to move into the minimal enclosure of 3D space. The process of visible manifestation occurs at this time as light energy lowers its vibrational field producing a spectrum of experiences within time. Visibly we see the representation of this in the 4F 3D Rainbow Triangle and its rainbow spectrum. (illustration 6.2) The orange triangular walls on one third of the 3D triangle blend with the rectangular walls producing red and yellow sectors. The green triangular wall blend to make yellow and blue while the remainder of the 3D triangle completes the visible color spectrum blending blue and violet to produce indigo. The process of time is now unfolding as the planes of experience unfold creating a spectrum of experience originating from the pure white light of consciousness.