In the process of moving toward higher consciousness more and more information is considered and collated into basic pattern fields. It is believed there are many dimensions and dimensions upon dimensions. In the language of pure geometry we look at the building blocks of how this process works. We understand that as consciousness moves from its center or zero point of perspective it moves from what could be termed the no dimension into the first dimension. Here the perspective of the first dimension is formed as a line or intention connects two points in space. As this line moves upon any axis, other than the limitation of the quantum unit (smallest measurable unit) of width it is contained upon, it becomes a line. Consciousness or movement beyond the parameters dictated by the first dimension now expands as a line becomes a plane and moves into the second dimension. The point the size of a single quantum unit moves in one direction into the first dimension and moves again attaining width to become viable in the second dimension as a plane. When a plane moves again along the axis of height it is then the plane becomes a form moving into the world of the third dimension.
All creative processes in the world of form follow this process. At observer center the intention goes forth manifesting directly as lines, planes and forms of intention. The building blocks of the universe also work along this same descriptive process. In the beginning was the thought. This thought connected its intention to manifest and another point in space was communicated with and created. On the simplest levels, the two points in space became one and a line of intention, that is love, connected the two. As the conscious being-s of the line realized even more consciousness it sought to once again grow moving with intention. This intention process acted along the planes of creation and more of the structure of the universe was incorporated into awareness. In other words, it sought to unify or love more of the universe itself and creation/expansion took place. Finally, the planes of creation could move into the world of form as a third movement was added propelling it into the third dimension.
This process has been greatly oversimplified to show that as the being moves from center, incorporating more dimensional awareness, it also connects in consciousness to love and unification. In the process of pure geometry the flow between zero, first, second and third dimension is straight forward as each additional axis adds greater dimensionality. In the process of “Sacred” geometry other characteristics come into play. Within Sacred Geometry there is added valuation given to the process of unification and matrix of information between the component parts. Whereas, the parts within themselves are important but perhaps what is more important is, “What is the communication or energy between the geometrical relationships?” For instance, when the observer observes from the center of a circle or a triangle there is a relationship of information or energy created. This relationship becomes more profound as the observer observes from the center of a triangle surrounded by a circle. Now both finite and infinite energy matrices come into play. As the observer incorporates both finite and infinite then great connections can be attained. It is the Sacred found within the finite and infinite that moves the observer into greater connectivity with the building blocks of the universe found in pure geometry.

Within Sacred Geometry there is added valuation given to the process of unification and matrix of information between the component parts. 

A greater connection to this process can be examined looking at a three dimensional triangle. In pure geometry an equilateral triangle is three equal sized lines connected to each other in proportion to a single common center. This relationship encloses a triangular plane within the second dimension. In pure geometry to produce a third dimensional triangle a third axis of information is added building upon itself at right angles. In other words, the three lines of the triangle moves into the third dimension along an upward ninety degree axis and their height is added producing an additional ninety degree axis to the triangular plane. The triangle shape remains as the original three lines of the triangle connect equilaterally.
Viewing from the center perspective of the third dimensional triangle gives the observer greater connectivity. With the original plane scenario the observer would be aware of energy of the triangle in only the second dimension. Viewing a triangle three dimensionally expands the conscious connection to universal functioning. The three dimensional triangle for this reason has been used in sacred and mystical teachings. It gives the observer a higher perspective of the trinity of communication – 1. Sender 2. Receiver 3. The Communication Field. Allowing an additional axis to our triangle moves the observer from a simple two dimensional plane to the world of three dimensions and manifest form.