We live and dwell and have our being in the space/time matrix. All that we are is controlled by this matrix and all that this matrix is, is controlled by our being. We are intricately woven together. Many of us have heard the expression, “We make our own reality.” During eons of time people have experienced this connection and many/most have been baffled by it. However real it was in the experiential field of the observer, the connection to make it repeatable was obscured. Around this very phenomena nearly all religious institutions have been built. Sign and wonders have been called “miracles” and therefore must be from a higher power somewhere outside ourselves. Churches, synagogues, temples and the like have grown immensely over the ages in an attempt to understand our connection with universal source. It is part of nature for conscious beings to try to understand their surroundings, connecting their conscious evolution even further. In the present day era we are beginning to learn the connection to the fabric of space and time is not outside ourselves. This science of the “invisible” is allowing us to evolve into a true understanding of the mysteries of life as never before.

We are conduits of time and of space. We create our reality as the central observer of all that is. We are the center of our universe as are all conscious beings. All points in space have the potential to connect with all other points. All points in space are available to receive this super conscious energy. If a living being wishes to connect with some other living being they need not “try” to do this for they simply are connected already. The connection is already there. It is a matter of releasing prerequisite beliefs and conditions which can slow the connection. The more we release and flow with universal source the more connection is observed in consciousness. In spiritual practices throughout the world and likely throughout the universe we are shown the path is to “turn our attention over to a higher power.” Many on this plane of existence see this as turning over our lives and will over to what is called God. In many respects, this is the same functioning as allowing universal source to direct our lives. It is said, “Where our attention is, there we are.” This is to say that as living beings believe there is a “higher” power then as they draw their attention to this it manifests in their lives. Many people have power structures in their lives such as money, idolatry or materialism. These all carry power within themselves and can give a sense of comfort. However, they often are limited to third dimensional reality. They contain connection to the universal field only in so much as the observer believes they do.

The science of the “invisible” is allowing us to evolve into a true understanding of the mysteries of life as never before. 

It is BELIEF that is the key to manifesting our reality. In religious terminology this is often referred to as faith. In a scientific approach; it is the focus of energy by the observer and allowing the field of infinite potential to coalesce the line of intention into manifestation. In the area of physics, science looks at the actions and reactions of matter and energy in the world and universe around us. In the relatively new branch of physics called quantum physics there is much more emphasis on energy in tandem with consciousness. Scientist are seeing the observer carries much more weight in the outcome of a potential manifestation than previous scientists have noted. They are seeing, for instance, that when minute particles of matter are randomly moved to another location the results of the destination will vary depending on the input of consciousness of the observer. The variance between the path the particle “chooses” remains consistent nearly equally divided between the two destinations provided. However, it was discovered that when an observer concentrated on one single destination the path of the particle would change its propensity for randomness and move toward the visualized point time and time again. The particle moving toward a projected point would even appear to disappear in mid flight and reappear now moving toward the observer's choice. The observer of the field of experience was clearly effecting the outcome. These experiments proved we are constantly creating our environment. We can focus our intention on something and through becoming a clear channel of energy can affect the outcome. The stronger our belief the clearer the connection with universal field and projected outcome will be.

We create our reality through the focus of energy and allowing the field of infinite potential to coalesce the line of intention into manifestation. 

Albert Einstein and other scientists have theorized the fabric of space and time is much more evolved and connected to consciousness than first realized. Out of these theories have come such terms as the Universal Field Equation, Universal Space/Time Continuum and the Theory of Relativity. Each within themselves are highly evolved studies measuring the movement of energy and matter and how time affects the outcome. Time is not a constant as it appears at first glance. Time is affected by many factors such as movement, speed of travel, rotational fields and consciousness. It has been proved that time slows down considerably the closer to the speed of light one is traveling. One traveling at this speed away from earth would experience very little aging, only aging a few years, while the ones back on earth would age decades. The faster the travel through space the slower time, as we have previously thought of it, moves. In aeronautical experiments super accurate atomic clocks have been shown to gain or lose minute fractions of seconds depending whether the flight around the earth was going with the rotational field of the earth or against it. Both of these experiments have been done over and over again and now are accepted as general laws of physics, yet still remain elusive as to the reason behind the shift in the axis of time.

Space itself is super alive and super conscious. Simple logic can help us see this. In every point in space there is energy and a matrix of energy that all manifestation is carried upon. In the time of the second world war scientists learned of the tremendous affects of splitting an atom. This is where the term “Atom Bomb” came from. It was discovered that within the super small structure of an atom resides super power. The splitting of an atom in a controlled way produces a tremendous and powerful release of energy. Years later it was discovered the destructive power of the atom could be greatly increased by the super compression of the nucleus of an atom. The atom's nucleus is the tightly packed center of an atom. The power of each atom resides not as much in its outer rotational fields but within its very center. Movement toward this center's ultimate smallness produces the greatest power. This is the nature of space and manifestation within space. All points in space have extreme power and potential, set for manifestation. The building blocks of this manifestation as it first appears is observed in the atomic structure and is consistent with more and more energy, that is power, as it moves from and to its quantum limit of smallness. This energy is super organized and super conscious. Throughout the fabric of space there is a propensity to organize. Space moves to the center of all manifestation and coheres at center collecting and coalescing the potential energy of the encompassing matrix of space. The center of the manifestation, as observed with the atom, is very, very powerful. When the energy begins to manifest into larger fields of expression within matter its apparent center is diversified and as a whole less energetic. This is why the purest connection to the fabric of space is made at absolute center.

Operating at absolute center to the best of the observer's ability is the most effective and powerful way of connecting to universal source. As the observer is distracted by other centers of influence then their attention becomes diversified and less effectual. Those experienced in meditation and centering of body, mind and spirit have a greater and more powerful connection to universal field source. The observer in this case has learned to become the center of all that is and allow the communication to flow through them. Communion is greatly increased not only internally yet also externally. Since all points in space are in communion with all other points then the one who centers can allow the divine intelligence to manifest in a way that is in accord with the highest and best for all concerned. This is attaining a balance of mind and heart. The intention of the mind is on what is pure, holy and just. This is the same intention of nature and universal source. To be pure, holy and just is to say, one is One with Love. Love is the guiding energetic force of the universe. Unity and Love are synonymous. Where there is grand unity, there is grand love. Merging mind, body and spirit into the Unity of One is in perfect accord with nature's universal functioning and with love.

Since all points in space are in communion with all other points then the one who centers can allow the divine intelligence to manifest in a way that is in accord with the highest and best for all concerned. 

In the nature of unity the aspect of linear time dissipates. We become one with the matrix of time which has no beginning and no end. In unity, past and future blend together into the eternal moment of now. Future and past is a continuum of the same reality. When we look out into space at the plethora of stars about us we are observing a snapshot of what the galaxies looked like millions of years ago as the light of these stars, traveling at the enormous speed of light, is reaching us in this now moment. We are simultaneously observing it in the now moment and in the distant past as the two time lines merge into one. We all are a product of our past. Every experience we have had has come together to make up who we are at this very instant. These experiences will not only affect our now but will also affect our future. This is the connection we experience as synchronicities.

Time is a continuum. We are immersed in it as we choose to focus on it. The more we “get caught up in the moment” the more time will appear to speed up and the more we are bored, the more our perception of time will slow down. Time itself may not slow down yet our attention to time is more acute when we focus on it. When we are totally immersed in the moment we are aware of all of our environment and become one with it. It is often said there is no time in spirit. This means, in the higher dimensions beyond 3D, time has little to no meaning. In spirit, or fifth dimension as it is sometimes called, we are super aware of the present moment. All is radiant, alive and present. We simply think a thought and we manifest that reality. Living life totally in the present moment we shift our perception of time in the same manner higher dimensional life does. Life experienced with the joyful, ever present, eyes of a child there is no connection to the passing of time. However, as in the case of many, we lose our connection with joy and living in the moment and time drags on.

The more we perceive the more conscious we are and the more conscious we are the more the illusion of the passing of time slips away. 

Living life in the higher dimensions is possible while inhabiting this three dimensional body. The more we live in joy, love and the eternally now moment the more we transcend this apparent three dimensional reality we experience. Living in higher consciousness means living in higher dimensional reality. The more we perceive the more conscious we are and the more conscious we are the more the illusion of the passing of time slips away. Time is linear and is only measured on the axis of the second dimension. The illusion of time is perceived flowing from the past, manifesting in the present and moving into the future. In truth, time is multi-experiential, all happening at the same time. In the eternal moment of the now we are both a result of our past and our future we are manifesting. Our thoughts, words and deeds of the past and present are manifesting our potential future. All thoughts, words and deeds are energy and move into the universal grid matrix. We are literally creating our future reality.