The time axis of the Rainbow Equation is a representation of how we experience time here in the second and third dimensional planes of existence. Representing the second dimension is the diagram called, “Time Symmetry Co-Incidence.” Observation of the Time Symmetry Co-Incidence first reveals a wheel shaped structure. This coincides with the expression, “Wheels of Time”, meaning a cycle or revolution of time. We are at the center of time because, as central observer of all that is, we make our reality. Manifestation comes into being from our perspective as we view upon it. We experience and in this experience we are in the now of time. We could be considered the hub of the wheel of time, all of time spins around us and manifests as we view upon it. Without the perception of the experience time is all inclusive; past, present and future. It could be said, “When the observer experiences time; time is frozen into the now.” Past and future experiences form a “Co-Incidence” in the now as a central perspective in the manifestation process begins. Representing this process is the spokes of the wheel of the Time Symmetry Co-Incidence.

Lines of energy move from our zero point expression within the center, that is within zero dimension. The instant we move, have a thought, or perform an action we move into the next dimensional expression. We now manifest as lines of intention in first dimensional reality. These are represented by the twelve lines that move from center. Six of these lines are in central rainbow colors of orange, green and indigo. In the same perspective, these lines would extend to the center of the closest packing of six circles around a seventh circle of the same size. This matrix connects two-dimensionally to the six directions of space. The remaining six lines of the 12 connect to the matrix of the closest packing of twelve equally sized spheres around a central sphere. The numbers 1 through 12 appear on the face of a clock to signify the counting of hours as half of a 24 hour cycle. Twelve also has many mystical connections. In the Zodiac there are twelve signs representing the precession of the equinoxes. In Christian terms it is represented by the 12 apostles around the central figure of Christ and the 12 Tribes of Israel. The connection to the Time Symmetry Co-Incidence is one of complete centrality, aligned with the matrix of space.

The instant we move, have a thought or action we move into the next dimensional expression. 

Time is a centralized experience. We move through intention from zero point into the first dimension outwardly creating our reality. Representationally in the Time Symmetry Co-Incidence, the 12 lines of intention manifest as the 12 planes of experience in the second dimension. Following the flow of the visible color spectrum the observer's lines of intention begin to manifest in the planes of experience. The orange lines connect to the yellow and red plane sectors of the outer ring, the green lines to yellow and blue plane sectors and the indigo to blue and violet plane sectors. Here the visible spectrum of the rainbow guides the process showing there is an overall convergence between the inner and outer. All arises out of center from the all encompassing communication field. Space itself is unmanifest as is the potential of time. It is the movement of intention through thought, word or deed that brings about the experience. We are totally encompassed in the omni-potential of space. The focused intention upon any point-s in space brings about the experience or manifestation in the time axis; this is the representation shown in the outer ring of the Time Symmetry Co-Incidence. We start at centralized zero point move into and through first and second dimensions, all the while being surrounded by space. The six outer orange-green-indigo lines of the outer ring representationally connect space's propensity to manifest in time the very matrix of energy we put forth into it through our centralized intention. In manifestation we receive back exactly what we put forth energetically in our intentions. This intention manifests in the planes of experience within the axis of time.