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Rainbow's Sacred Geometry

Nature Guided

Not Man Made
Every Sector, Color and Shape of the
Rainbow Equation is Placed by Nature's Order.
Rainbow Equation 7-Fold Light
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Awakening Humanity
Over the Rainbow and Beyond

Discover the Rainbow

All of the Rainbow Revealed!
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The Rainbow Equation

Let your journey into the heart of the rainbow begin. Rainbows are everywhere with their bending of the white light. Within this bending, or refraction, of light a magical process happens that connects the dimensions of space and the world of matter as we know it. Rainbows are our sign-in-nature, giving us a grander connection and “sig-n-ature” of a Universal Source and Power. The signature of nature's rainbow signifies, It All Works Together as One. Through “The Rainbow Connection”, the observer will come to realize that the connection is grander than ever imagined. The journey into the heart of the rainbow is one of Universal Commonalities. The rainbow journey flows upon the base matrix of space itself bringing absolute connectivity to Sacred Geometry. The rainbow and Sacred Geometry flow from the same natural wellspring. The rainbow offers within the specifics of its color spectrum a direct connections to Sacred Geometry – the base building blocks of the universe. The door to understanding universality is being made manifest through the The Rainbow Connection.

Rainbow Equation

Rainbow Connection Found!

We all know there is more to the rainbow than meets the eye. The Rainbow Equation of Light connects us to light, sacred geometry and the wonders of the rainbow as never before. It is the Universal Language of Light now made manifest.

Rainbow Equation

Universal Connections ~ Profound Realizations

Rainbow Equation brings more clarity, more universal connections. The more it is studied the more alignments to the universal field structure are realized and actualized. This is one equation that grows and grows in its connectivity. "You Can't Sink A Rainbow."

Rainbow Equation Generation Z and Beyond!

A Unifying Rainbow to Encircle the Earth

Now is the time to connect spirituality, community works, love, science, philosophy, visions and wisdom into a unified whole. The rainbow equation is being released to the world to act as a catalyst for change and unification of the hearts and minds of humanity. We are the ones we have been waiting for and the rainbow is our enduring symbol and now proven science that We Are All One!

rev. 4 diagram

2D/Circular Axis ~ Logos Circle 7
Representative of seven interlinking circles. The rainbow flows upon the center circle red, orange yellow. The middle ring rotates one position for the blue, green yellow and the outer ring rotates again to complete the rainbow with blue, indigo and violet.

666 Diagram

2D/Linear Axis ~ Space Symmetry Six
Moving along a “line of intention” the observer moves from zero dimension into the first dimension. with orange, green and indigo. These move into “planes of manifestation.” The primary colors of green, orange and blue lines move into the equilateral triangle planes of their secondary combined colors.

Zodiac Diagram

Time/Beyond Time Axis ~Time Symmetry Co-Incidence
When one looks beyond time yet through time as represented here on the time/beyond time axis. This Rainbow Energy diagram represents the center spinning axis of the wheel. Viewing along its center we begin to awaken conscious and super conscious and open our third eye.

sphere puzzle

3D/Circular Form Axis ~ Rainbow 3rd Frequency Sphere
This is the 3d projection of Logos Circle Seven. It is also a representation of the Rainbow 3rd Frequency Cube with the "corners" cut off. This spherical rainbow energy flows along the 3d axis of space with its colors of red-orange-yellow on the bottom, yellow-green-blue in the center and-blue-indigo-violet on the top.

Tetrahedron Puzzle

3D/Linear Form Axis ~ Rainbow 3rd Frequency Tetrahedron
On the other side of the 3d Form Axis of the Rainbow Equation is the linear representation. This Linear form flows with the rainbow along the triangles that make the four sides. Spiralling, the rainbow energy is flowing along the hexagons of its outer shell and inner walls producing a crystalline energy matrix.

Snake Puzzle

Time/Beyond Time Axis ~ 3rd Eye Open
3rd Eye Open is the name of two 3D forms found on the time/beyond time axis of the Rainbow Equation. When one is operating in the Super conscious and the conscious mind then truly their Third Eye is Open. The Conscious level of the Rainbow Equation is the representation of the Rainbow 3d Triangle and the Super Conscious is Mathematically shown in the total matrix of the White Symmetry Vector Equilibrium.


Revealing Time, Dimensions and Space Matrix

Rainbow Matrix

Merkaba Mystery Revealed

Time Mystery Revealed

Dimension Mystery Revealed

Mystery of Synchronicities Revealed

Mystery Golden Ratio Revealed

Rainbow Revelation

Universal Language of Light

The Rainbow Connection Available on Amazon

Rainbow Resources to Awaken

Mind, Body & Spirit

Take the Full Rainbow Journey, No Matter What Level You Are At the Rainbow Wants to Reveal Its Secrets to You.

Connect to the Physical Painted Rainbow Now in the World of Form and Science. Nature guides its formation every step of the way. Experience true connectivity between 2D, 3D, Linear, Circular and Time with the Universal Language of Base Sacred Geometry.

You Centered Best Teachings of the Rainbow from Around the Earth. Connect into Universality, See the Rainbow, Vibe with the Great Rainbow Promise and Revelation, Merge with Awakening Humankind Sustaining a World where We All Thrive. (visit website)

Take your Yoga and Meditation Practice to the Next Level. Seven Chakra Meditation utilizing all the principles of alignment with Sacred Geometry, Rainbow Equation, The Great Universal Circular Vortex and the Merkaba brings you into complete alignment with Universal self. (coming soon)

"Generation Z Discover the Language of Light ~ MIND, BODY & SPIRIT."

Revealing the mysteries

Universal Connections

How It All Began

You will come to realize that the connection is grander than ever imagined. The journey into the heart of the rainbow is one of Universal Commonalities. It is a journey into the very heart of the Great Merkabah that originates from the absolute center of the Universal Circular Vortex. The rainbow journey flows upon the base matrix of space itself bringing absolute connectivity to Sacred Geometry. The rainbow and Sacred Geometry flow from the same natural wellspring...


It All Works Together As One

In the nature of consciousness we seek to bring order. We can see the patterns found in nature. The more conscious we are the more we will see the pattern and connections. To view a color spectrum can be done by any intelligent creature. It is a sign of higher consciousness to find the order within the spectrum. Through finding order we find connection and through finding connection we find unity and love. When we view a rainbow in the sky most of us have a feeling of peace and wonder. We are feeling the unity of the seven colors working together as one. Each color carries a certain vibration.


Revealing Aspects of the Rainbow Equation

The Rainbow Equation is a description of how the base universal building blocks of linear/circular, zero/1st/2nd/3rd/4th dimensions and time/space flow together as one. Contained within its descriptions are mathematical equations that show through our multi-expressive universe all is connected. To a casual observer it might appear a sphere, tetrahedron and cube are different. Essentially, these forms are different yet there are underlying connections that allow them all to flow from the same source and intertwine with each other. On an atomic level it is clear form arises out of similar conditions at the smallest levels. As the creative process continues to manifest from this smallest level it is interacted upon by the universal matrix.


The Rainbow Connection

All the Science, Philosophy and Revelation of the Rainbow

Sharing the Rainbow with Generation Z Awakening Humanity

The Future of the Rainbow is NOW