In the nature of consciousness we seek to bring order. Standing as observer we can see the patterns found in nature. The more conscious the observer is the more they will see the pattern and connections. To view a color spectrum can be done by any intelligent creature. It is a sign of higher consciousness to find the order within the spectrum. Through finding order we find connection and through finding connection we find unity and love. When we view a rainbow in the sky most of us have a feeling of peace and wonder. We are feeling the unity of the seven colors working together as one. Each color carries a certain vibration. In the visible spectrum of the rainbow these colors are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. The vibratory rate of the color red is the slowest of these seven and the violet is the highest. It is their vibratory rate that gives them color in the field of normal vision. Light also vibrates at rates higher and lower than the visible spectrum. These rays of light are not visible to the eye under normal conditions.

When the colors blend together they form more energy than they do vibrating separately. This blending together to create more power than t